G-Rack – the modular bar systems for stationary and mobile applications

„Nothing is more constant than change.“ – Charles Darwin

Change size, design and functionality anytime. Adaptability is in our DNA.


G-Rack portable bar
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The G-Rack system

G-RACK is the modular F&B service system, designed for both the hospitality & catering industries. G-Rack design is based around modular frames that can be joined together to form different size units and have the flexibility to change their designs and configuration based on service requirements in minutes and without the use of tools.
G-Flexx and G-Flexx Mini are foldable base frames for easy transportation and efficient storage. G-Raxx is a stackable fixed module that can be fitted with wheels for mobility or can be set on adjustable feet for more stationary applications.
All three modules are made of lightweight, tough and weatherproof aluminum and can be combined with each other easily.
The assembly of the units is done completely tool-free, with G-Rack there are no loose screws and the reconfiguration of the units is done in minutes. The modular concept allows you to extend your unit, change configuration, functionality and design based on your next service requirements.

G-Rack portable bar Paris
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G-Rack in action

Regardless of what you next service will look like, G-Rack is ready for the challenge. Our customers are very satisfied with our systems and we work closely with them to make sure that they always meet their service requirements. Nothing makes us prouder than to see our units in action.

G-Rack portable promotion bar 28 Black
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Design options

With a wide range of applications and accessories you can change size, functionality or design of your G-Rack with in just a few steps. Set up your G-RACK system as cocktail bar, next time transform it into a beer bar or a trade fair counter. And if you want to turn your black bar white – no problem. The G-Rack system grows and adapt as your needs change, keeping all your options open.

G-Rack portable cocktail bar
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G-Rack units have the ability to be upgraded at any time, so no matter what your budget is we have something for you, keeping in mind that you can always upgrade and purchase accessories that can be easily added to your system in the future.
Here you will find a selection of preconfigured units of different sizes and accessories - as well as price list to download.

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G-Rack the modular bar system

- flexibility in size, design and functionality
- you can change anything anytime
- low weight - high stability
- no part heavier than 12 kg
- tool free assembly
- easily assembled by just one person
- for mobile or stationary use
- for indoors and outdoors
- comes with a wide range of accessories
- low transportation- and storage volume
- can be easily folded or stacked
- sustainable design


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