System parts at a glance

Discover the system components of our mobile bar stations and find out which combination best suits your needs. Using the modular principle, mobile counters, back buffets, promotion bars and entire trade fair stands can be put together individually. Follow the links for detailed information on the individual parts. We would also be happy to support you personally in putting together your bar.

Base frames

The standard for event furniture

G-Flexx, G-Flexx Mini or G-Raxx. Three types of base frames with different features are available and form the framework for bars, back bars, trolleys, buffet lines or stationary applications.

Patented system millings and standardized mounting points allow G-Rack components to be used on any type of base frame.

Which base frame is best for you depends on your usage, transportation and storage requirements.

More about features...
Base modul G-Raxx for portable bars

Basic frame for the construction of a mobile bar or backbar

Different base frames as a basis for mobile bars.

Back bar

For more presentation space

Base frames with front frames can also be used to build backbars with storage space. Instead of the bar top, a back frame is attached to the front frame.

If no storage space is required, two back frames are connected on top of each other and as many as desired next to each other. A stable foot on the floor ensures a secure stand.

Each back bar can be extended in 60 cm increments. Customize backbars with individual branding, shelves, lamps, banners and front signs.

G-Flexx Basic Elements to create mobile Bars and backbars

G-Raxx Basic Elements for Bars and backbars

portable bar and backbar Rick Gin

G-Rack backbar solutions for trade fairs and catering

G-Rack hotel bar J.W. Marriott

G-Rack promotion bar Cellini

Corner structure

Create 360 degree bars and u-shapes

Corner solutions require corner caps, corner cladding, corner work tops and front frames.

The corner assembly set can be installed in just a few steps and is designed for 90° angles.

cornered counter G-Flexx

G-Flexx fair counter Licor Beirao

Barconvent Berlin BCB fair counter for Licor Beirao

G-Rack hotel bar J.W. Marriott

Mobile counter in L-shape with long front panels in black matte.

Work tops

Organize your workflow

Worktops are waterproof and made of white or black hpl full core plates. Several types by 60 cm x 60 cm allow individual setups on your working surface.

Cutouts in the worktops accommodate gn-containers, cutting boards, dispensing columns, water stations and blender flushers, or serve as access to ice boxes or storage areas.

Work tops are fixed to the base frame in just a few simple steps using wing screws integrated in the frame.

Mobile cocktail bar with sink and ice box